Core Flooding

The core flooding laboratory is equipped with four locally designed experimental set-ups for injection experiments in rock samples at high pressure and temperature.

The injection set-ups are comprised of hassler-type core holders for mounting a standard 1,5 inch diameter plug sample, injection cylinders for continuous injection of liquids, back pressure regulators and pumping systems. The injection cylinders, core holders and back pressure are built into industrial type ovens for operation at stable temperatures up to 240 ֯C. The pumping system, data acquisition system, and sample collectors are located outside the ovens. The core flooding rigs allow for operating pressures corresponding to reservoir conditions of several hundred bar.

Two of the core flooding setups are dedicated to regular size sample and regularly used for water injection experiments. One setup is dedicated to gas injection studies, where the operating pressure is typically higher and the oven has been replaced by heating jackets for safe operation. A fourth setup is dedicated to shorter core samples for faster screening experiments. A simplified set-up for core sample conditioning and "aging" is also available. The type of experiment carried out in these systems include flooding experiments to study the effect of tertiary recovery techniques such as modified waterflooding and gas injection. In addition, flooding experiment to study the reservoir response to produced water re-injection and CO2 injection to study the rock response to CCS.

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