CCS Conference 2022

On 14 June 2022, DTU Offshore hosted the CCS Conference 2022 at Bernstorff Slot.

CCS Conference 2022
CEO Morten W. Jeppesen from DTU Offshore opened the conference.

More than 100 key actors from the industry and academia attended the CCS Conference 2022: CCS and CO2 Management – from Capture to Offshore Storage

With the intensified focus on reaching the climate goals in Denmark and internationally, knowledge and technologies within CO2 capture, CO2 storage and CO2 transport are maturing rapidly these years. Finding the right balance of the CO2 pressure, temperature, and quality along the CCS value chain is important not only for the economic viability and safety of projects but also to achieve the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

Therefore, the main objective of the conference was to address the technical interphase issues along the CCS value chain. 

Conference programme
The programme offered expert presentations, and a panel discussion on opportunities for value chain optimisations.

The panel consisted of Mathieu Prevost from TotalEnergies, Søren Reinhold Poulsen from Ineos, Ajay Arora from Evergas, Henrik Lyhne from Pentair and Morten W. Jeppesen from DTU Offshore.

Throughout the day, the participants contributed with engaging questions and shared insights. Topics such as management of CO2 phase changes and CO2 quality, standards, and optimisation of the overall CO2 footprint of CCS projects were discussed at the conference.

Before concluding the day, everyone enjoyed a networking and poster session in the beautiful surroundings at the castle. 

Find the conference programme here

Presentations from the keynote speakers
You can download the presentations from the keynote speakers below.