DHRTC Technology Conference 2021
DHRTC Technology Conference 2021
DHRTC Technology Conference 2021
DHRTC Technology Conference 2021

The future of oil and gas R&D

Energi Fossile brændsler Energiproduktion Geologi Kortlægning og opmåling Råstoffer og råstofudvinding Kemi Skibe og off-shore-konstruktioner

On 16 and 17 November, more than 240 participants walked through the doors at Comwell Kolding to join DHRTC’s fifth Technology Conference. All with a mission to discuss and find solutions for how oil and gas related R&D can support the energy transition.

Centre Director Morten Jeppesen opened the conference by addressing DHRTC’s adjusted strategic direction:

“It concentrates on areas where oil and gas related R&D can support the transition from today’s offshore oil and gas production towards future emission free energy production and storage in the North Sea”.

During the conference keynote speakers, panelists, and scientific presenters offered their view on how R&D supports the energy transition towards 2050.

Networking is key

Collaboration and networking are the DNA of DHRTC’s Technology Conference.

“The conference clearly shows that face to face encounters are extremely important in connecting people from different research areas, disciplines and sectors so new ideas can blossom and make a difference for the energy transition,” says Morten Jeppesen, Centre Director at DHRTC.

A new networking initiative, the DHRTC Meeting Place was also introduced at the conference. Eight companies showcased their business and met participants in an informal setting to discuss the energy transition, develop new ideas and network.

The initiative was a great success with lively conversations and linkups, which will hopefully lead to future collaborations between academia and industry.

See you in 2022

The DHRTC Technology Conference returns on 29-30 November 2022. Save the date already and stay tuned here for how to secure a spot.

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