The Centre Changes Name

Energi Energiproduktion Geologi Kemi Skibe og off-shore-konstruktioner Energilagring
In order to underline its important role in the energy transition, ‘the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre – Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU, changes name to ‘DTU Offshore – Danish Offshore Technology Centre’.

"Our research programmes reflect that the centre is a key player in the energy transition in the North Sea. Now it is time to express this through a name that reflects our broad approach to cooperation as well as the current activities," Centre Director Morten W. Jeppesen says.

"We recently initiated an ambitious research programme, which will help to realise the potential for large scale CO2 storage in the Danish oil and gas fields. In addition, we have jointly with industry partners TotalEnergies, Noreco, Nordsøfonden, and Ørsted received a large grant from EUDP for Project Bifrost, which aims to mature CO2 storage in the Harald gas field," he says.

The Carbon Storage activities add to the centre’s significant research portfolio, which encompasses themes such as digital solutions, produced water management, well and platform maintenance, recovery of remaining oil and gas resources, and efficient and responsible abandonment of depleted oil and gas fields.

Applied research to the benefit of society

Since its formation in 2014, the centre has delivered research-based technology solutions to be applied in the offshore sector. This will continue to be a key objective under the new name, underlines Rasmus Larsen, Provost at DTU and member of the centre’s Steering Committee:

"The centre has adjusted its research and development strategy in accordance with the changing the needs of the industry and society, in general. With increased focus on sustainability and a responsible energy transition, I am pleased that the centre now aims to deliver new technologies for exactly this purpose. It aligns very well with DTU’s strategic focus on sustainability," Rasmus Larsen says.