CCS Conference 2023

The CCS Conference 2023 was held on 6 June at Rungstedgaard.

CCS Conference 2023: Denmark as a CCS hub – technologies for upscaling, environmental impact assessments, and monitoring of offshore CO2 storage

With this one-day technical conference, Danish Offshore Technology Centre managed to bring key actors from industry and academia together to put focus on the latest developments within CCS and the next steps towards upscaling.

CCS is a prioritized technology for addressing climate challenges, and there is consensus that CCS will be key to achieving the goals for CO2 emission reductions.

Preliminary results from the many CO2 storage research and demonstration projects at DTU Offshore are promising. The next big step in CCS will be upscaling and with this follows the need for storage integrity monitoring and environmental management of the entire CCS value chain. This was the main focus for this year's CCS conference.