DTU Offshore – Danish Offshore Technology Centre – is Denmark’s national R&D centre for offshore technologies and holds a central position in the energy transition. We develop research-based technology solutions for the industry in the North Sea.

Our Programme Management and Technology Maturation teams are set up to make the road from research labs to companies short.

Our research and development projects deliver solutions to the offshore industry in areas such as CO2 storage, wastewater management, and environmental impact.

DTU Offshore - Danish Offshore Technology Centre - is a public-private partnership between DTU, University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, and GEUS. We gather teams across the network and utilize the cutting-edge expertise of each partner institution.

The centre is located at DTU and we cooperate closely with the DUC partners (TotalEnergies, BlueNord, and Nordsøfonden) as well as other companies in the offshore industry.

In addition, we are in constant dialogue with industry partners and researchers outside the center. We see this network approach as the best way to do pioneering research that makes a difference for the industry and for the society as a whole.

The centre was formed in 2014 under the name Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre as part of Denmark’s long-term national strategy for energy.


Elena Pachkova

Elena Pachkova Centre Director Danish Offshore Technology Centre Mobile: +45 93511464

Simon Ivar Andersen

Simon Ivar Andersen Research Director and Professor, Chemical Impact of Offshore Energy Production Danish Offshore Technology Centre Mobile: 9351 0758