AI tool to guard CO2 storage reservoirs

A new research and development project will develop state-of-the-art AI technology to monitor that stored CO2 stays in the underground.

Underground CO2 storage will play a significant role in reversing global warming and moving toward a net-zero carbon future; this requires continuous monitoring of the stored CO2, explains Senior Researcher Hamid Nick, Technical Leader of project Cerberus.

CO2 Storage

Project partners
DTU Offshore
TotalEnergies Upstream Denmark A/S
TotalEnergies E&P Denmark A/S

Funding partner: Innovation Fund Denmark
14 million DKK
Duration: 5 years
Official title: Cerberus: The CO2 gatekeeper for intelligent and automated monitoring of geological CO2 storage sites


Hamid Nick

Hamid Nick Senior Researcher Danish Offshore Technology Centre Mobile: 9351 1497