CCS Conference 2024: The Risks and Uncertainties in Carbon Capture and Storage

At DTU Offshores CCS conference in 2024, we delve into mitigating risk through innovative solutions and technologies.

Through collaborative relationships, we will foster the necessary knowledge to advance carbon capture and storage and thus achieving positive changes in the fight against climate change.

By bringing together experts and innovators, the CCS conference aims to create collaborative relationships and foster the necessary exchange of knowledge and experience for CO2 storage sites. Take a look at the confirmed speakers here:

  • Birgitte Dalsgaard Larsen, DTU Offshore
  • Christoffer Mourtizen, CarbonCuts A/S
  • Elena Pachkova, DTU Offshore
  • Hamid Nick, DTU Offshore
  • Henrik Sulsbruck, Danish Energy Agency
  • Jacob Ladenburg, DTU Management
  • Jamie Andrews, Equinor
  • Martin Patrong Haspang, Gas Storage Denmark
  • Mette Fürstnow, INEOS Energy
  • Michael Welch, DTU Offshore
  • Nick Lee, PGS
  • Nina Skaarup, GEUS
  • Peter Kristensen, CO2 Hub Europe
  • Rasmus Lang, TotalEnergies
  • Tobias Johan Sørensen, CONCITO
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