Operations and Maintenance Technology

Reducing the operating costs of the offshore production facilities and minimizing the environmental footprint are the two main goals of the Operations and Maintenance Technology programme.

The alarm tracker software is a great help in the operations and control room.

We are working to reduce the operating costs of the offshore production facilities. With new technology, we help streamline production operations while minimizing the environmental footprint by having fewer energy consuming start/stop events.

Modular architecture

The work on modular architecture aims at creating a more accurate overview of the continuous maintenance efforts and propose enhanced frameworks and methods for planning maintenance activities. By breaking down the various maintenance activities in a structured way, we create the opportunity to replicate what works and develop new frameworks on how to make maintenance efforts more efficient.

Through pilot projects, we have developed a structured data model for maintenance data. The model provides a detailed overview of where the maintenance resources are used and whether they are used at their best, supporting faster and improved maintenance preparation and prioritization.

Multilevel Flow Modelling

Using Multilevel Flow Modeling, which is an AI technology, we are working on developing and testing the AlarmTracker system designed to increase the uptime of water injection systems. The solution is designed to predict unwanted events and alert operators on the platform before the events cause a production shut-down. Already, pilot tests are being run on a commercial prototype, so in other words, the system is already ripe for value creation.

AlarmTracker is just one of the applications that lies in Multilevel Flow Modeling, and our work with the system therefore opens a wide range of efficiency opportunities in future production, for example within HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) processes.



Ulla Hoffmann

Ulla Hoffmann Programme Manager Danish Offshore Technology Centre Mobile: 9351 1360