Young Researchers' Day

Discover the future and its pioneers at the Young Researchers' Day

At YRD, poster sessions take center stage, offering a vibrant showcase of fresh ideas and groundbreaking research.

The Young Researchers' Day (YRD), hosted annually by the Danish Offshore Technology Centre at DTU Campus in Kgs. Lyngby, is a vibrant platform for emerging talents in offshore technology.

It invites young researchers to present their innovative work through engaging posters and elevator pitches, fostering a rich exchange of ideas with peers and industry experts.

Beyond presentations, YRD emphasizes networking and collaboration, featuring team-building and socialization activities that nurture community and future partnerships. This event not only celebrates the potential and innovation of young researchers but also serves as a dynamic gathering for all invested in the future of offshore technology.

YRD kicks off every May, bringing together fresh ideas and the latest in offshore technology. For all the details, speaker info, and how you can get involved, just keep an eye on our website.

Experience the innovation and energy of last year's Young Researchers' Day in our after-movie from last year's event.


Hamed Moosanezhad Kermani

Hamed Moosanezhad Kermani PhD student Danish Offshore Technology Centre Mobile: +45 52794519

Neri Bonciani

Neri Bonciani PhD student Danish Offshore Technology Centre Mobile: +45 52600870