CCS Conference

Gathering experts to advance Carbon Capture solutions and meet climate goals

The CCS conference: Where innovation meets action for carbon reduction.

The CCS Conference is an annual event which is hosted by DTU Offshore. It brings together key industry and academic figures to discuss and advance the technologies and strategies in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

This initiative is primarily focused on addressing the escalating concerns of climate change and the urgency to meet international climate goals through innovative and efficient CCS methods.

Central to the conference is the exploration of the entire CCS value chain, encompassing CO2 capture, storage, and transportation. Emphasis is placed on ensuring, that the projects are economically viable, safe and have the smallest possible CO2 footprint. The event encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing, driving forward the development and implementation of effective CCS technologies and methods.

The CCS Conference is scheduled annually between May and June – make sure to check our website for information about past conferences and updates on upcoming ones as well.

Watch the highlights from our 2023 CCS Conference in the after-movie.