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We are always looking for new partnerships that will create value for the offshore sector.

We are ready to start the conversation about R&D solutions for the offshore sector.

There are many benefits from partnering with DTU Offshore – Danish Offshore Technology Centre. We have high-level expertise and an innovative mindset that create results, whether you measure on R&D solutions for companies, academic output, or positive impact for society in general.

  • Industrial partner: From our extensive track record of industrial collaboration, we understand how companies work and how to develop applicable solutions for them. Our dedicated Programme Management/Technology Maturation Team is always ready for dialogue about industry needs.

  • Academic partner: With a unique mix of senior researchers and young talents, the centre delivers academic work on a high level. Equally important, there is an innovative mindset in our team of researchers with a clear view on how to apply research results in the industry.

  • Funding partner: We offer flexibility to funding partners. This means that you can become an active player in a project or cooperate at Arm’s Length Terms, all depending on the conditions agreed. We measure and report on the progress of the activities, and our experienced Administration Team supports the projects on an on-going basis.

If you want to join us, participate in a project, or simply learn more about possibilities for collaboration, we encourage you to contact us. We will then set up an informal meeting to discuss options and your needs.

The offshore sector is of high importance in the energy transition, and we are proactively seeking to develop innovative and research-based solutions that can be applied now and in the future. This requires close cooperation. Our next collaboration partner could be you!

Learn more about the centre in this film.


Simon Ivar Andersen

Simon Ivar Andersen Research Director and Professor, Chemical Impact of Offshore Energy Production Mobile: 9351 0758