DTU Offshore combines a ten-year long track record of developing innovative solutions for the offshore industry with solid measurement of the value created for society.

We measure and evaluate the outcome of the centre and its activities. Photo: Alex Tran

The centre’s value proposition is clear: Our work provides innovative solutions needed for the energy transition, whether measured on prototypes for the industry, financial results for society, reducing environmental impact, or delivering academic output.

In cooperation with the analytics firm DAMVAD we have developed a solid method for calculating the value created from our activities. Evaluating our activities is more than a methodology – it is part of our DNA.

We measure the value of our work on KPI’s such as:

  • Economic value for the industry
  • Economic value for society in general
  • Innovations and prototypes
  • Reduction of discharges to the sea
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Academic impact measured on number and quality of publications
  • Benchmarking with similar research institutions
  • Talent development, measured on completed PhD’s

We apply these measuring points depending on the scope of each activity, and we always work with a holistic view on the impact on society and how to address sustainability.


The centre's work has contributed with 2 billion DKK to Denmark's GDP since 2014, incl. external spill-over effects.


The centre's research so far may potentially reduce oil discharge to the sea with the aim of reaching zero discharge.

Academic output

Since 2014, the centre's researchers have published more than 600 peer-reviewed scientific publications.


The centre's research and technology development have led to more than 60 prototypes applicable for the industry.


The centre has built a network organisation with more than 70 cooperation partners in industry and academia.

Talent development

More than 50 researchers have completed their PhD at the centre and now work in industry or academia.


Malene Rod Vest

Malene Rod Vest Programme Director and deputy Centre Director Danish Offshore Technology Centre Mobile: 9351 0699

Lene Hjelm Poulsen

Lene Hjelm Poulsen Head of Administration Danish Offshore Technology Centre Mobile: 9351 1443