Case: Harbour Energy

Together with Harbour Energy (former Chrysaor), the Centre has completed a project on improved oil recovery from UK North Sea chalk. The cooperation provided Harbour Energy with an unique opportunity to collaborate with DTU Offshore's technical specialists and take advantage of their decades of hands-on experience within appraisal and development of low permeable chalk reservoirs.

Chalk as an oil and gas reservoir is characterized by a combination of high porosity and low permeability. The low permeability makes it difficult to extract the oil and gas from the chalk. In the Danish North Sea sector, most of the oil and gas is trapped in chalk reservoirs and therefore Denmark has a long-standing experience with the special challenges that chalk offers.

The project with Harbour Energy ran over 3 months and the purpose was to analyse the opportunities for improved recovery of oil from the very low permeable and technically difficult chalk in the J-Area of the UK North Sea. The project involved geology, reservoir engineering, well design and stimulation.

Initially DTU Offshore and Harbour Energy performed a high-level review of the available data on the J-Area chalk. The Centre then introduced a selection analogues from mainly the Danish part of the North Sea. Finally, a range of both concrete opportunities and conceptual ideas were presented for optimising the J-Area chalk appraisal and development.

In cases like these, DTU Offshore can contribute with:

  • Broad multi-disciplinary expertise within oil and gas projects
  • Experienced project management
  • Cross-disciplinary integration
  • Possibilities for cooperation with leading researchers