CO2 Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is one of the most promising technologies in addressing climate change. DTU Offshore is conducting research within various aspects relevant for storage of CO2.

Core-flooding experiment under preparation in the laboratories as part of our CO2 storage research activities.

Climate change is a serious global challenge, and one way to address this challenge is by storing CO2 in the underground. This will make the road to Net Zero Emission shorter, and it holds great potential for implementing Net Minus strategies.

DTU Offshore uses our in-depth knowledge about the subsurface and infrastructure in the Danish North Sea to support Denmark in becoming a European hub for CO2 storage. Reaching this target will require research and technology development as well as continued focus on the entire value chain and upscaling potential.

Our CO2 storage research programme was initiated in 2021 and is already showing promising results. We are working on a variety of projects with the aim of ensuring the safety and cost-effectiveness of subsurface storage of CO2:

  • CO2 containment oriented projects include analysing the integrity of subsurface reservoirs when CO2 is injected, developing CO2 monitoring sensors and systems, and minimizing the environmental impact in the unlikely event of a potential CO2 leak.

  • Research projects focusing on cost effective CO2 storage include re-utilization of existing infrastructure and wells as well as enhancing long-term well barrier integrity.

The EUDP-funded Project Bifrost has DTU Offshore as its academic partner on the technical part of the development and demonstration project. We investigate the suitability of chalk reservoirs for CO2 storage and develop monitoring technologies. Bifrost will demonstrate the feasibility of CO2 injection into depleted gas reservoirs Harald West (sandstone) and Harald East (chalk) and the re-utilization of existing Harald infrastructure.

We are open to start new collaborations concerning CO2 storage with companies, academic partners, authorities, and other partners.

Why a CCS project? Hear about Bifrost from three of the project partners.
Learn more about CO2 storage and Bifrost - an EUDP-funded development project - in this video.